No apology necessary… this time

My old boss Ezra Levant (former publisher of The Western Standard, where I worked as a senior writer) can be really on-again, off-again with his show The Source. Recently, he went overboard-off-the-deep-end with criticism of Justin Trudeau and his family after Trudeau kissed brides or babies at some wedding. But Ezra hits a home run with this Oct. 13 item; The Media Party’s secret deal. If any of you out there in the wider world want to know why some of us in Canada consider the Canadian mainstream media to be one super-gigantic joke this should answer it nicely. All that “brain power” and highly paid legal advice, and they can’t even get their collective bleating heads around the idea of fair dealing.

I caught the item while catching up with news aggregators and was scrolling through Small Dead Animals. One comment to their post attracted my attention, particularly the last sentence;

I watched this again this morning. This is a huge mistake by the Media Party. They have tried to hide their bias, but now it is out in the open. This collusion should be talked about in legal and political science circles for decades to come.

Actually, I was thinking it should become a component of journalism courses. There is an obvious need for it, demonstrated by the misplaced “outrage” in so many media outlets across the country. Also, I think it would be wise to tip young journalism students to fact that there is a very good chance they will be working for peter-principled fools, promoted way past the point of incompetence blah rant rant blah okay I’m done.