A broken model?

Good video from Jan. 14, 2014, by 2veritasium: “The Problem With Facebook” criticizing the business model. (h/t to that guy who recommended it on a Google chat I was listening to last week; wrote down the title of the vid, didn’t write down the guy’s name).

This reminded me of an article link I’ve wanted to post somewhere since the beginning of the year. I keep quoting from it casually in conversation with people, but don’t have it marked, so… from Jan. 23, 2014 The Independent: Facebook is an ‘infectious disease’ and will lose 80% of users by 2017, according to researchers

The researchers use the rapid rise and fall of MySpace as the archetype, comparing publicly available data from Google with the traditional SIR model of infectious disease. ‘SIR’ stands for Susceptible, Infectious and Recovered – the three groups that individuals are placed in with regards to a public disease…