To all the girls I’ve loved before, but didn’t stereotype

This post at Chateau Heartiste is being bookmarked because its subject is a video with Nana Mouskouri in it, who by complete coincidence I mentioned in my previous post. Can’t say exactly why I like small coincidences like this, but I do. Two Nanas in two days. So there’s that.

More importantly, the article contains links to the CH’s invaluable 2008 posts on How To Handle Femmes Fatales, which should be mandatory reading for all males when they turn 16.

The first article in the Femmes Fatales series covers The Gold-digger and The Waif/Neurotic. Then there are separate entries for The Eternal Ingénue and The Amazonian Alpha.

For old guys like me these aren’t very helpful anymore. But they are a fun read because it’s nice to reminisce about all the girls I’ve loved before, and it can be soothing to sort out one’s messy past into neat little categories.