More memories

My friend Kevin Grace (aka The Ambler n.b. updates pending), after seeing the picture posted below of Paul W. and Davis S. in the Alberta Report newsroom, asked if I had any other photos from that era. I do. They are pretty random. I’ve just now scanned a bunch and I’ll put them up here as thumbnails without much description for the moment. Who knows if more will turn up?

But before we get to that, let me post a picture of Carmen Wittmeier since she is the one who instigated this trip down memory lane. The picture of her below was taken “back in the day” just after I had the job of photo editor dropped on me; Wittmeier is posing for a photo that was to illustrate some story about the soaring popularity of sushi in the province (more a Calgary thing, if I remember correctly). My model is having trouble maintaining a serious expression and in fact there are quite a few of these blown photos from this “session”—which turned up in a few different boxes—because she kept cracking up. What did she think was so funny? I can’t recall but it might have something to do with the sushi. She loved sushi (she is from Calgary). But she couldn’t cook it. She invited the magazine production guy Dave Stevens and myself over to her apartment to partake of her freshly made sushi once and perhaps she is fondly remembering that attempt at what surely would have been reduced to manslaughter. The best thing about this picture? The Sega Dreamcast controller by Carmen’s side. Oops. Hey, it’s not like we ever goofed around in that Office Space…

Carmen Wittmeier 1 - 72
And here are some thumbs that I will sort out later.

victor olivier 2victor olivier 1 - 72Pat - 72sheremata 1 - 72Paul Bunner 1Barret Pashak 2 - 72Barret Pashak 1 - 72Jan - 72Colby Cosh 1Joan 2 - 72Joan 1 - 72Paul Fraser - 72Lawerence - 72Kevin Steel - 72Brian Mulawka - 72Terry McConnell - 72Diane - 72Paul Wodehouse 2 - 72Will Gibson - 72