Ah, Wittmeier!

My former Alberta Report colleague Carmen Wittmeier recalls some of the lighthearted moments she experienced while we worked side-by-side in that pale-yellow painted cinder block newsroom out in Edmonton’s west end. She’s compiled a list of her Best Report Memories. I had quite forgotten her Number 2, which she titles “The Anti-Virus Campaign.” That was back in the day when I really enjoyed taking the piss out of… well, anyway, good times, good times. Thanks for the memories, Carmeno.

My contribution to this nostalgic feast is a picture I came across the other day while sorting through some old photos. It was taken in the Alberta Report newsroom, circa 1998? This was before Carmen arrived. It’s a pic of Davis S. (journalist) and Paul W. (photo editor) discussing possible graphic options for a news story that Davis was no doubt hard at work finishing up well before deadline; at least I think that’s what they are doing. The desk that Davis (the guy in the blue shirt) inhabits is the one that Carmen would occupy about a year or two later during her all too brief tenure at the magazine. I apologize for the blurry quality of the picture, but I was attempting to capture the gravity of the moment. This was in that historic period just before the ubiquity and convenience of the digital camera. I was in a rush and didn’t focus that old Canon A-1 properly which is why I believe I have never shown anyone this picture before.

Paul and Davis 1