Come, “…learn a lot about tolerance”

Can we adjust the definition of “racist” for a day or two? Hold on, maybe not. Maybe we’ll just print a column with…

According to Mary Elizabeth Williams (hmmm… sounds like a white person’s name, am I racissss?) over in Salon: It’s not racist to sue over a mixed-race baby. However, that’s not really what Williams says, but maybe it is, or it isn’t. She ends with:

Payton’s moms have probably had to learn a lot about tolerance and acceptance already in life, and there’s no doubt she will teach them much more. All of that possible — and it still means the clinic made a big mistake and should be held accountable for it.

Yes, “moms” plural. Lesbian couple, which is why they are getting the kid gloves treatment here from the ever-inane Salon. “We’ve got a victimological conflict; 20 CC’s of desalinated obfuscation, STAT!” It’s not the fact that it’s a mixed race baby that’s the problem, it’s the fact that it’s not the baby they wanted and it’s going to cause them inconvenience because it’s not white and…

I recommend you just skip over the column and go straight to the comments where you will learn, among other things, that;

To have concerns and preferences about race need not be “racist”. It’s ok for chinese couples to want chinese babies, etc, etc. If this clinic screwed up, they should pay.

My my and lol! (Maybe I better screencap all this.)